To Open Trial Against Pro American Zionist Communist European & USA Governments for Acts of Genocide Against Me Personally as They Continue With One and Decline to Act According to Laws, Treaties...

Protect mine and my people's rights to exist !!! Raise awareness by stating my own example of what is happening behind false-misleading propaganda created by post traumatic WWll governments unable to realize just how far have they develop first European auto(self) political agenda inability to relate with people of Europe's basic needs for us to even exist, and secondary to assure future safety of white European ancestry in the Northern America where specially in USA things went into extreme stage against whites under so called "nazi" or "reverse discrimination" foist.

I am not referring any longer to well known South African acts of genocide against whites, but instead one implemented against people of the United States of America alone; moreover , United States of America as the leading power in post WWll agreement with now Ex-Soviet Union states as well as to European Union puppets, policed between those two large systems. European Union puppets unable to defend even basic human rights of our own people in Europe not to mention the world !!!

Sincerely Yours,

Avsec Bostjan(Bastian)

To learn more and to support my cause, please click "home" of this cause....or click here please http://www.causes.com/causes/546680-international-criminal-court-trial-request-vs-genocide-of-white-non-slavic-victims-in-usa-europe

1. Stop Governments From Genocide Against White Non Slavic Population in Europe and USA

2. The Right to Marry and Live According to My Preferences

3. Stop Communist Pro-Slavic Anti-German Lies Propaganda and Violence Against At Least One Million Old Settlers in "Slovenia"

4. Stop Communist/Zionist Genocide Against White Population in USA, Europe, and South Africa or Worldwide

5. For Euro Ombudsman, European Court of Human Rights, and International Criminal Court Accept/Assume All Liabilities for Genocide