"Intellectual capacity and ability are universal; it is opportunity that separates us!"

Educational opportunities available to students in economically disadvantaged Turkish communities are inexcusably narrow and limited. Disruptive change is needed, especially for academically gifted students whose parents never had an opportunity to receive higher education. BTF's Micro-Scholarships (MS) are designed to break the cycle and provide a ray of hope by introducing a positive disruption in the lives of high-potential students.

BTF's MS initiative combines two fundamental notions. First, academically gifted but high need students lack opportunities to realize their potential. Second, people of all means can participate in small scale philanthropy and affect profound change. BTF’s MS bridge these two notions together by giving everyone a grassroots opportunity to individually, or in groups, to fund scholarships for impoverished students with a proven record for academic excellence.

To promote lasting change, all BTF MS recipients are also requested to undertake a good citizenship requirement by either agreeing to mentor a younger MS recipient or agreeing to remember to help someone in need once they complete their academic pursuits.

With BTF's MS initiative, you can help create real change – lasting change - for first generation college bound students. BTF facilitates the campaign, aggregates all donations and provides complete transparency at all stages of the process. Also, BTF's all volunteer board covers operational expenses so that 100% of your donation goes directly to the student in need.

Taking advantage of the internet revolution, BTF's MS enable anyone to sponsor a child with modest donations; much like political candidates use the internet to tap into small campaign contributions. Ours is an internet based program that allows everyone to invest in real social change. With as little as $25, a credit card and an internet connection, anyone can invest in the life of a deserving student. Or donors can send a check to BTF and note the donation is for BTF’s MS program.

BTF manages two categories of Micro-Scholarship Programs for academically gifted and ambitious students who will be the first generation in their families to achieve higher education:

1. Secondary Education Micro-Scholarships (Grades 7 through 12) for College Bound Students: students are provided with the means to have a productive study environment, if needed, and a modest monthly stipend to pay academic expenses.

2. Higher Education Micro-Scholarships (Post Secondary Education) for College Attendees: students are provided a monthly stipend based upon need.

By supporting BTF's Micro-Scholarships, you can give the priceless gift of education and create lasting positive change by empowering needy students with an opportunity to develop into productive citizens.

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1. See “Extended Info” below for details. BTF is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to increasing international giving.

2. 100% of your donations are sent to our cause partners in Turkey.

3. BTF hopes its culture of sharing & civic responsibility inspires people across the United States to help others to achieve their dreams.