Samsung announces new chip plant expansion in San Jose

Questions were raised about Samsung cancer cluster in Korea at the press conference - see for more information or

The Hankyoreh Editorial calling on Samsung to come clean "The rash of illnesses is rapidly turning into an international issue, yet little has been done back home in terms of a response. A few days ago, objections by New Frontier Party lawmakers…Read More

Vote for Samsung as the worst corporation in the world in the Public Eye People's Award contest

Summary High-tech gadgets built on the backs of workers: South Korea’s richest conglomerate uses banned and highly-toxic substances in its factories, without informing and/or protecting its workers. As a result at least 140 workers were diagnosed with cancer,…Read More

Please sign the petition in support of Samsung workers and families

Please sign the petition at This is a new petition in support of more than 140 workers in the electronics sector have been diagnosed with serious…Read More

Korean Court supports workers with leukemia - rules that deaths are related to employment

Factory factored into 2 workers’ deaths: Court (Joongang Daily, June 24) June 25, 2011 by stopsamsung In a blow to Samsung Electronics, a court ruled yesterday that the deaths of two employees at Samsung’s semiconductor plant should be considered an…Read More

Samsung blocks investigation on an LCD engineer’s suicide

Samsung has refused dialogue, while the Labor Ministry has refused disclosure of employment regulations and Lee Ju-hyeon’s health examination -- From the Hankyoreh in Korea

Another Samsung worker dies from leukemia

The credibility of the company sponsored health study is challenged - Samsung has hired "experts" to give them a "clean bill of health" while community expresses concerns about the independence of the study
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