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Legalize North Dakota Now, being the small grass-roots organization that it is, is going to need as much help with advertizing as possible. Our Facebook Profile and the Facebook Causes profile area need as many friends as possible so we can continue branching…Read More

Supporter of Legalize North Dakota Now.

I would like to start off by thanking you for supporting this cause and appreciate all input that I have recieved so far. We have a busy year ahead of us with a plethra of activities including a marijuana march, rallies, a posible festival depending on our…Read More

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Have a great new years. Lets hope for change in 2011. Keep safe, and always, keep up the support.

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So I figured I'd put this out for everyone to read on here. This is some Awesome info on the money we would save from cutting the marijuana prohibition bugdet. It Claims up to 6+ Billion in tax revenue for the USA as a Whole on top of saving 7.7 billion from…Read More

Please spread the word.

A problem that is notably recognized in the federal government right now, is the legalization of marijuana and its growth, commerce, and use. Though many bills have been introduced into congress not a single one has passed. Within the past year, there have…Read More


Just so I can get a better Idea who is on here Daily. Anyone who reads this today and tomorrow, leave a comment on this Bulletin right here. Simple enough. Hope everyone has a safe and Legalized day :-) Peace
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