AMCF Virtual Adoption updates 13 september 2011...

I posted an update of our work at the Virtual Adoption at the AMCF. Hope you all like the progress we are making! I always feel so happy to see the improvements of our…Read More

Farewell dear Quinty....we will miss you very much....R.I.P.

Betty's dog Quinty has passed away on september 3, 2011.¬e_id=225824327467283&id=106014842782695

Updates AMCF August 2011.

To read the latest updates please visit:¬e_id=220713071311742&id=106014842782695 Thank you all for caring and helping animals in need. Without people like you, animals have no voice at all.... Be Blessed and…Read More

Amcf update July 2011

Updates on our latest work with lots of new pictures!!¬e_id=207251139324602&id=106014842782695

Updates on Rex and Virtual Adoption with lots of new pictures!

Meet some of our new animals in our Virtual Adoption Program!¬e_id=192766850773031&id=106014842782695

Latest updates on Rex, Virtual Adoption and AMCF.

There are new updates. Also new pictures from our beloved german shepard Rex. Also many new updates on AMCF including stories, pictures and news. And there are two new members in our Virtual Adoption program. If you want to meet them, please read our AMCF…Read More

Update on our Hero Rex, the German Shepard Dog!

He is just doing so fine! It is unbelievable to see how happy, joyful and adorable this fellow is! We are so very lucky to have him here at Dj-Imba! Thank you all for caring about Rex and all of the other dogs. Read the latest…Read More
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