Hi im so happy with the my members i would love it if there were more members to support this cause and if you could sent this to your freiands on your facebook it would have alot more support please join x


HI i realy would like to here anything you think we should be doing more anything that you think will help this work to grow.


I would like to thank the freiands who did support my cause. I need more support and if i dont i will have to close it down i thought this was a good cause for victims and there familys to know thay wernt alone not to talk about there persional experince as…Read More

I wont everyone to know there not alone and support my cause

I hope this will help victims to not sit alone theres somewere thay can share there story and for the familys let them also know theres alot of familys out there that fell mabe what use fell i hope this will be supported and lets be there for each other.


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