What We Can Do

With the battle royal going on regarding the Bush tax-cuts, for the next few days it will be very difficult to get any traction with almost any member of Congress. And, very soon we'll have to pursue universal health care issues with a Congress which is much…Read More

Wow! Almost 600 Members Already!

The so-called "Lame Duck" session of Congress is set to begin and we are approaching enough members to create an effective petition to Congress with eye-popping signatories. Facebook members sign petitions much more willingly than they join groups. We will…Read More

One Simple Step to Spreading the Word

Just share this cause on your wall with this request: "Please Help Protect and Improve Progressive Health Care by Joining This Cause." Spread the Word Today -- Tomorrow We'll Have More Members. With Greater Numbers comes Greater Strength! Thank you for…Read More


Howdy -- Well, that was fast. We already have 200 plus members and the rate of new members joining has increased dramatically. But, we need your help getting up to critical mass -- Here is what you can do: 1.) Invite More Friends: Open the link, then select…Read More
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