Waris Dirie: 'Female genital mutilation is pure violence against girls'. (A most Read Article)

Supermodel Waris Dirie was just five when she became a victim of female genital mutilation. As she collects an award for her campaign against the practice, she explains why it has to stop. Waris Dirie was about five years old when she was left in a makeshift…Read More

Tell World Leaders to End Gendercide in China

Joint Programme on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

"Examines the practice of FGM/C and strategies employed by UNFPA and UNICEF to encourage communities to abandon it. The two agencies, working closely with governments, NGOs, religious leaders and small community groups, aim to bring about an end to the…Read More

FGM - A ritual of agony - English

A documentary about female genital mutilation (FGM). Made with support from The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs. Watch this Video, Spread the Word, Ask your friends to join the cause. Thank you all for spreading the word!!! Add…Read More

Video on Female Genital Mutilation

Good morning everyone!

Hello, I'd like to thank all the people involved in this cause by their help spreading the cause and for doing their best in order to stop this inhuman act. All the information anyone can find and share, e.g. links, pictures, videos, will be welcome. I will…Read More

New Leader for this Cause

Hello members of "STOP FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION" cause. The current administrator is no longer involved in this cause and we would like to turn it over to someone passionate about this issue that would like to manage this group. Please contact us at…Read More


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