Too many teens have killed themselves over narrow-mindedness. We as a nation should aim to stop this.

Already, too many teens have been bullied in our nations schools, whether it be because of race, gender, or the most sought out targets, sexual orientation. This cowardly attempt of machoness has taken the lives of those teens who were not protected by their schools, nor their parents. This cause aims to make very clear that such bullying will not be tolerated (regardless if the kids are only practicing their freedom of speech. Really? Use some common sense people. Know when something is wrong, and put an end to it.) Schools need to be for safer learning, not a prison where students go, terrified that they are gonna get beat to a pulp because they are in love with another boy/girl.

1. Stop bullying in schools.

2. Provide protection to those who are victims of bullying.

3. Make sure those teens are loved and accepted, no matter their race, gender, or orientation.