Fight against iams cruelty

Iams Undercover Investigation UPDATE!
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has released an official complaint stating that the contract laboratory investigated by PETA in 2002 and 2003, which was employed by pet-food manufacturer Iams, “has shown a lack of good faith.” The government complaint alleges that the following violations, among others, were documented by government inspectors at the contract laboratory from 2002 to 2005:
Failure to provide pain relief to sheep used in experiments that caused pain or distress
Failure to ensure that personnel were trained to perform experiments on animals
Failure to provide veterinary care and to observe animals daily
Failure to properly ventilate housing facilities for dogs and cats
Failure to house cats with a sufficient number of litterboxes and resting surfaces
Failure to keep animal-housing facilities clean and in good repair, resulting in injuries
Failure to maintain comfortable temperatures in animal-housing facilities
Failure to provide animals with sufficient space

Call, write, e-mail, or fax Iams and Proctor & Gamble. Tell them that you won’t buy Iams products for your animal companions until they stop conducting experiments on animals and, instead, rely on laboratory analysis of formulas for nutritional composition and in-home studies using dogs and cats who have been volunteered by their human companions.

Jeffrey P. Ansell, President
Iams Company
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This is still going on today!
They've gotten away with murder for long enough!


1. To educate people

2. No longer buy iams products

3. Stop animal cruelty