Paul's Peace Project Update

We are thrilled to see so many people supporting Paul's cause to stop bullying. The board of directors has met several times since our last update and are working toward implementing our ideas. We are also looking into research that has been done on finding…Read More

Wow, we are growing! 217 Members

Paul would be ecstatic that so many have decided to join forces to be kind and help put an end to bullying! I can picture the beautiful, huge, Paulie smile on his face. Paul's Peace Project is now incorporated and the non-profit tax-exempt status is in the…Read More

Paul's Peace Project Update

Paul's Birthday is Sunday. He would have been 14 years old. As we do every year, we will take him a Christmas tree and eat carne asada and steak - his favorites. We try to make Paul's the best tree so it gets a little bigger each year. We have even found…Read More

Paul's Peace Project Update

Thanks to everyone for joining Paul's Peace Project. It means so much to Myself, Stephen and Christopher and we look forward to helping others as the Project gets underway. I am in the process of making this a non-profit foundation. We will be working on the…Read More

Getting Started

I am slowly but surely getting Paul's Foundation started. After much thought and consideration I believe this is the cause Paul would most like to be remembered. To my knowledge Paul was never bullied himself, but would be very troubled when he saw others…Read More
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