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I want to encourage you to trust God thiis year and seek him

Sea life and birds of the air dying all over the globe. There is no doubt we are living in very troubled times but I wanted to encourage you today and remind you we serve the creator of the universe. I myself and most of the close friends I have are in the middle of a 30 day fast. I have to laugh at myself because I bought my daughter and grandaughter some cupcakes yesterday and and would be lying if I said they didnt look delicious. However my mind stays on what is going on and what God wants to do. Everyone had their own type of fast. My friends and I are doing a Daniel fast eating nothing but vegetables and whole grains. One thing is for sure the fasting is to advance the kingdom of God and should always accompany lots of prayer....after all that's what its for. I don't know anyone who doesnt need a move of God in their lives. God loves you and will keep him and know he hears even your deepest thoughts.

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