Spring has sprung!!

Well here we are in the beginings of Spring....so long awaited for!! Time passes by so fast before you know it it will be Christmas again....LOL!

Im sorry for the former post!

I had someone contact me about soliciting funds for my sons wedding and thats not the case ...I saw it as an opportunity to do something for two wonderful people that I love a lot and there was no money asked or required to do so...just a vote. However this…Read More

I want to encourage you to trust God thiis year and seek him

Sea life and birds of the air dying all over the globe. There is no doubt we are living in very troubled times but I wanted to encourage you today and remind you we serve the creator of the universe. I myself and most of the close friends I have are in the…Read More

Fasting and prayer for 2011....its time to press in!

Christmas is past and we head into a new year. Many Christians fast during the month of January and pray for this nation. We are living in some serious times and things are going to get more intense. Consider fasting and praying for the USA and the nations of…Read More

Im re sending thiis because the previous was a non working link...sorry! Please sign this to support Brookville Indiana being able to keep their Nativity scene!

An outside source is trying to force Brookville to remove their Nativity scene from their courthouse lawn!

I just sent an email to the governor of Indiana...please do the same!!

We need to stand together for our rights please email or call the Governor of Indiana and let him know how you feel.....its his state... what is he doing to help?...http://www.in.gov/gov/..

Keep Christ In Christmas TShirts......We need to sell 1000 by Christmas!

Not only is it a good way to let the world know where you stand they make great Christmas gifts! www.christinchristmas.deco-apparel.com
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