To raise community support for architectural design/build work in Jinja, Uganda.

Dear Friends and Family,

I have received so much support from all of you while I've been here! From your comments on the blog to your prayers to your support of mom and dad back home. I can feel and see your prayers as my time here progresses – so many of them have been answered with blessings as each new challenge comes.

Your efforts thus far have helped:

DESIGN! the first primary and secondary school in a village on the conflict-ridden border of Northern and Southern Sudan

PROVIDE! the landscape, drainage, and pedestrian pathway master plan for a well-established Ugandan university that is training the country's next leaders

PLAN! for a clinic, youth center, and home school room to service a large village community and a 200-occupant school and orphanage

BUILD! long-term missionary housing and an auditorium that will service a Bible college and the surrounding community

Pretty soon I'll be meeting the final challenge of returning home and trying to find a balance between this culture and my own. I'm excited to see all of you and to spend Christmas with my family, but I'll also be leaving a large, extended family behind here. I'm glad to take the things I've learned here and apply them back home, but I know that I'm leaving a small piece of myself behind in Uganda.

I'm also asking for one final challenge from all of you – for your prayers and financial support through the end of my term here. My total remaining cost for the year is $2500. I am hoping that if you want to be a part of helping these projects and this ministry that you will rally to be a part of my support team in any way that you can. I am only a part of this process, a process that is fully completed with the support of the community that I love back home.

If you wish to give, please logon to https://emisecure.org/donate.html and type “Megan Suau 2793” under the Donation Designation. No amount is too small!

The other piece of this puzzle is your prayers. Please pray for the amazing work God has begun and will continue to do at Good Shepherd's Fold School and Orphange after I leave – a missionary house; a youth center and home school classroom; and a clinic design that is in need of full-time medical staff to begin construction. Please pray for the work that I'll be a part of until I go – overseeing the construction management and leaving the site in operable working condition. Please pray that my mom's visit to Uganda next month is a safe and exciting journey here and back. And finally, that my transition home is full of opportunities to share what I've learned here and to continue this good work.

Thank you for the time and energy you have spent to make this work possible for me. I can't wait to fill you in personally when I return. I love you all so much, and I thank God for you everyday.

God bless you and your families during this holiday season!

Love always,


1. Designing a world of hope in a world of physcial and spiritual poverty.

2. Using the gifts of engineers and architects to serve the poor in the name of God.

3. For more information visit: http://www.emiworld.org/