Building democratic global co-operation to solve global probems

Simpol supporters known as “Adopters” are a growing community of people around the world. We use our votes in a new way to drive governments to co-operate with each other to solve global problems.

Simpol is short for the “Simultaneous Policy” i.e. policies implemented globally and simultaneously.

We are not a political party. Instead we use our votes as a tool to bring about a political process for change; one that is open to everyone.

Simpol argues that only a fair policy that creates a truly level playing field for all countries and does not hold the $ as the number one priority, can give us the world most of us want to live in. Together, we are beginning to make this policy a living, breathing reality.

Climate change, environmental destruction, poverty and war – everything that gives you and all of humanity a heavy heart – cannot be properly solved by any government acting alone. That’s because solutions inevitably mean higher costs for business. So any nation moving first will lose out because businesses will just move their operations – and many jobs – to more business friendly countries.

So the resources, funding and technology needed to do what is necessary are not being used. The major leap forward will come when we learn how to work together globally; then these resources can be put to good use.

Presently, then, governments are locked in a vicious circle and they can’t escape it. Only if global regulations are implemented in a way that no nation loses out – that is, simultaneously – can our problems be solved.

Simpol stands for the Simultaneous Policy. The policy actually means many policies, each of which would be acted on simultaneously by all or sufficient nations. They are the policies needed to deal with climate change, global poverty, corporate power and other global problems; policies which, if implemented by any nation alone, would harm its economy and its people. By implementing policies simultaneously, no nation, corporation or citizen need lose out and everybody wins.

But Simpol isn’t just a global policy. It’s also a political process designed to allow we, the people, to drive our politicians to actually implement Simpol. You can do this by Adopting Simpol. That means you write to your MP or to all candidates at election time, telling them you’ll be voting in future national elections for ANY candidate – within reason – that has pledged to implement Simpol alongside other governments. Or, if you have a party preference, you ask your party to sign that Pledge. In that way, politicians who sign the Pledge risk nothing because the policy only gets implemented if and when sufficient other governments have signed up. But if they fail to sign it, they could risk losing their seat to another politicians that has. With more and more parliamentary seats, and even entire elections, hanging on relatively few votes, it won’t take many of us, to make it in the vital survival interests of all politicians and parties to sign the Pledge. That’s why, with Simpol, you no longer ask politicians to solve global problems; you compel them to do so. You make it in their political interests to do so!

1. http://www.simpol.org.uk

2. http://www.simpol.org

3. Grass roots democratic approach to intractable global issues

4. Policy defined by you, the adopters!

5. Think globally , act locally.