From rubble to refuge....our shelter solution.

For the past week I’ve been working on an exciting project for our mission. As I’m sure everyone has heard, the need for shelter is still mostly unmet. After talking to people smarter than myself, I’m confident that it has real potential. So, I finally get to…Read More

Plans for progress :)

Hey everybody! Thanks so much for joining my cause to help me help Haiti :) There are lots of ways that you and your friends can make a real impact on how much we can get done there! The first thing is sharing, sharing and more sharing! The bigger the…Read More

$ Donations $ ...making a dirty word into a fun way to follow :)

This is definitely the most dreaded part of most's really important though, so our goal is to help ease the pain...and increase the incentive. One of the big downers about fundraising is that you usually lose not matter what you do...if you say…Read More
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