I am a survivor!!

I am a survivor, but that doesn't mean I do not cry,. I am a survivor, but that doesn't mean I do not feel. In this world I believe there are two kinds of people, those who give and those who take. At some point in our lives I believe we have a…Read More

Bipolar cannot be cured only managed...

Bipolar cannot be cured, only managed... I'd like to say a few words to the members of my cause who do not have this disorder but, may have a friend or loved one who does. Please be kind, be patient and respectful of the person with this disorder and know…Read More

My name is Janine

Janine Johnson This is an article I wrote for The Mental Health World , I'm editing it just to bring it up to date " My Name is Janine" My name is Janine, I have a " Mental Illness" called- Bipolar 1. I have learned to live with the symptoms that even my…Read More

The lesser of Two Evils...

So, on one hand, you have your impaired brain Which involves, your intelligence, you're confidence and in turn, your heart. On the other hand, you have pain, you have suffering... you finally discover the feeling of true love, and you may be faced with…Read More

" Let us know what you're thinking"

I would really like to invite the members of this cause to write when they feel the need to. Sometimes it helps to get things "out there" instead of always putting pen to paper. Let's admit it, some of us ( myself included ) want people to hear our voices,…Read More

Treat us with respect...

Demeaning a person or verbally /mentally abusing someone does not Cure them or help them through a CRISIS it actually causes them to spiral downward. I f you love them as you say you do, just ride it out and support them by LISTENING with an open mind...…Read More

My Secret Temptation

The struggle of having Bipolar Disorder by Janine Johnson on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 11:35pm It's like a drug I cannot kick, it temps me every day. I always thought I had no willpower, until I proved myself wrong. I can't lose weight, can't exercise like I…Read More
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