Hadassah is rising to the challenge. Will you join us?

Thank you for your support in the past of Young Judaea. I encourage you to join the new facebook cause "Hadassah is rising to the challenge. Will you join us?" which is geared at raising members and funds for Hadassah. Your contribution will benefit Young…Read More

Two days left - YJ/FZY Israel Initiatives

$1201 raised and two days to go. Please continue to spread the word about this important cause!

7 Days to Win for YJ/FZY Israel Initiatives

Thank you to all those who have joined and donated to the YJ/FZY Israel Initiatives Cause. We've come a long way having risen from 289th place to 57th with a total of $930 raised for this important cause. Winning a major prize is still within our reach but…Read More

Prizes for Championing the Cause

After you've made your donation, recruit others to do so as well... Prizes will be awarded to the #1 Recruiter, #1 Donor, and #1 Fundraiser listed in the cause Hall of Fame!

Donate to YJ/FZY Israel Cause TODAY!

Wouldn't it be nice to turn $10 into $1000? What about turning $10 into $10,000? How about $50,000??? You can - contribute to the YJ/FZY Israel Initiatives cause and we can win major cash prizes! If we all donate today, we're sure to win... And what a party…Read More

Donate to YJ/FZY to Win $50,000!

Dear YJ/FZY Israel initiatives Cause Members, In the past week we have risen from being in 284th place to now being 95th! If each and every member of this cause who hasn't yet donated gives $10 it'll push us up to 24th place! Then, if each of you gets one…Read More
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