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Good morning Fair Farmers,

Good morning Fair Farmers, We would like to Thank you for all your support and we would like to invite you all to our other Scam fighting groups & play Fair groups and Blogs. We are still working on getting many scam sites and fake gift page makers shut down & gamers unite and other cheating sites and app shut down. I would like to report that 7 more prohibited sites and apps last week have now been shut down. We still need your support and help to continue in our fight to be cheat free and scam free. Please come join our other groups and invite your friends and continue to post and re-post our links for all of our pages.

Play Fair -Group
A Petition to Remove Gamers Unite & 3rd Party Apps

Friends For Fair Farming – Public page

Friends For Fair... Farming – Blog

ScamVille - Group

ScamVille - Blog

Say NO! to Gamers Unite!

Links to see who on your page is using prohibited apps and pages.


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