The 10th Anniversary of the Worm Fiasco Fundraiser

Wow, people are STILL donating to this and it makes me feel so good! To date, over $600 was raised for this event. Of course, you can continue to donate whenever you want and all donations are greatly appreciated by myself and the 100 Club of Amarillo. This…Read More

Thanks for giving!

I just wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to all of you that donated or simply supported this cause. The 10th anniversary was a big milestone in events that shaped my life and this fundraiser was the perfect way to support it. In the end, we raised over $400…Read More

New "Official" Website

For friends and family that don't use acebook- Amy and Ka'Tara's Legacy also has a home at Feel free to spread the word!

Amy and Ka'Tara's Legacy-The Strength Without Fear Foundation

At this point, all donations will go to The National Fund For The Awareness of Violence Against Women and Children which allows battered women to leave the home and get on their feet elsewhere. Following the release of my book, The Worm Fiasco, this…Read More
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