To bring more awareness about the Namibian Seal Cull and hopefully one day ending the senseless slaughter of Cape Fur Seal Pups and Bulls.

The Namibia seal hunt is the second largest of its kind in the world. Each year, from July 1 through November 15, Cape fur seals descend on two main colonies in this region to give birth. What they have faced in recent years is a crowd of commercial hunters and part-time workers brandishing clubs, knives, and guns.

At dawn, these hunters round up the nervous seals, and the carnage begins. Nursing pups, clinging desperately to their mothers, are particularly targeted, as are bulls (seal penis is valued as an aphrodisiac in Asia). In Cape Cross, a tourism resort, a fresh layer is spread across the bloody sand and the carcasses are dragged away just in time to let tourists in to ogle, unknowingly, at the traumatized seal survivors.

We need to speak up for the small defenselessness babies and let Namibia we will not stop speaking out against this barbaric practice.