We’d love to turn Facebook TEAL for just 1 week in aid of Ovarian Cancer awareness. Women need to be aware of this so called ‘silent disease’. And the symptoms of it. It could save their lives.

Currently I am trying to raise funds for research into ovarian cancer, and raise awareness of the symptoms.

I am not famous, nor special - I am just very concerned at the lack of general knowledge women have about this disease.

The symptoms are:
• Persistent pelvic and abdominal pain
• Increased abdominal size/PERSISTENT bloating - not bloating that comes and goes
• Difficulty eating and feeling full quickly
• Any unusual mass in the abdomen/stomach area
• Constant and unusual need to urinate

This disease can kill your mother, sister, daughter, friend if it's not diagnosed early enough - PLEASE help spread awareness?
Thank you.

1. raise awareness to save women's lives

2. be proactive in women's gynaecological health issues and research fundraising

3. http://www.ovacome.org.uk/

4. http://www.ovationsforthecure.org/