WE NEED YOUR HELP URGENTLY! Time is running out for people to respond and help stop the attack on recreational motorcycle riding in Kyogle Shire and then the rest of NSW. A letter which we are asking people to send to Kyogle Council by 28th/6

The General Manager Kyogle Shire Council Email address: [email protected] PO Box 11 1 Stratheden Street KYOGLE NSW 2474 Letter of objection To Kyogle Council re: DRAFT AMENDMENTS TO KYOGLE DEVELOPMENT CONTROL PLAN NO. 11 – EXEMPT DEVELOPMENT CONTROL…Read More

Link to council http://www.kyogle.nsw.gov.au/cmst/kc008/view_doc.asp?id=901&cat=67

This policy is not ready to be voted on. We need to find out whether this law is legal? Constitiutionally and on various other issues. Please write to Kyogle Council Attn: General Manager PO BOX 11 Kyogle NSW 2474 www.kyogle.nsw.gov.au

Kyogle Councils New Plan

I cannot fit the text here so I will just give you a link to Kyogle council agenda for March 2011. http://www.kyogle.nsw.gov.au/content/uploads/AGENDA28MAR11.pdf Page 65 and on. In this is their proposal for regulating all dirt bike use in their shire. It…Read More

NSW State Elections

We would like all New South Wales people who are enrolled to vote in the upcoming election to take a serious look at www.johnhatton.com.au and consider voting for one of the teams independent representatives for the senate. John Hatton previously fought…Read More


Thanks every one for your support, we have 26,000 people who like this cause and 18,000 who have joined. these are good numbers to lobby with , however the more members the more impact we can have. Another Thanks to Mark Peterson as top recruiter and also to…Read More

Invite friends

If we can all now get 10 people each to sign up to the cause we will be talking 1% of Australia's total population. This is imperative to show the legislators we ride and we vote. These laws not only effect dirt bike riding but any motor sport from boats to…Read More

Intro Bulletin Our story: Kyogle NSW

Our story; On January 25, 2010 a rep from our local Council was escorted onto our property by a Police Officer to hand us a STOP ORDER. This document prohibits either of us, our children or any other person from riding on our farm for fun. We have 480 acres…Read More
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