Raise awareness and support for people living with dementia

Dementia is an evil disease, that robs the sufferers of their dignity and the families of their loved ones.

Whilst the dementia sufferers are unaware of their condition, the carers are in great distress, and suffer the loss of someone they love. They grieve for someone who is still here. They have all the memories but can no longer share them. The stress of looking after person suffering with dementia is such, it can lead to depression, illness, even death.

Government statistic show that in the next generation, 1.5 millions people in UK will suffer from a form of dementia or other, at the cost of £52bn.

Admiral nurses bring much needed support to carers. They are indispensable to the survival of those people whose agony escapes most of us. Yet there are many areas in UK where Admiral Nurses are still unavailable, or too few to cater for the need of so many.

Our pledge is to raise awareness, support and funds to contribute towards the immensely valuable work done at Dementia UK

Please join in our cause