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we have no words. we only hope and pray families treat their seniors with dignity and with care. giving them a sense of belonging and not abandonment. of being there for them in their sunset years.

Karma: Another Perspective

Dear Members: Here is another perspective on Karma!   Surinderji has two married daughters, highly placed and apparently well qualified but here we have him in this old age home for destitute senior citizens.   Reading Bhagwad Gita to spend his day, we…Read More

Happy New Year - 2013

Wishing all Cause members a very happy and prosperous new year 2013 full of peace, love, compassion and good health! Please also visit Facebook Page "Support Underprivileged Senior Citizens" at…Read More

Greetings of the Independence Day!

Dear Members: Greetings of the Independence Day! Independence has different connotations for each one of us but perhaps the common thread among any definition is the minimal or lack of dependence. Given the changes in the demographics and the average life…Read More

Seeking Support on Facebook

Dear Cause Members: Greetings of the Saturday! Requesting members to kindly have a look at the Facebook page of the Cause at: Please do consider to *like* the page and…Read More

Love Back!

love back...its a bit dated but please have a look...thank you! UPDATE #1 love back...its a bit dated but please have a look...thank you! .


Dear Friends: I belatedly wish you a Diwali full of prosperity, abundance and great health! Of late friends have experienced difficulty in joining our Cause and this can be a one reason why membership has stagnated of late. Requesting you to pls "like" the…Read More
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