To love, serve, and empower the New Haven homeless community by providing for their spiritual, physical, and relational needs, in response to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Agape Church for the Homeless is a community in New Haven, CT, that meets together every Sunday to share life together, worship together, study the Bible together, pray for each other, and eat together. We welcome people from all backgrounds, specifically serving the jobless, low-income, homeless, or in-rehabilitation community local to us. Besides providing Biblical teaching, a space to worship, and a weekly breakfast, Agape has a winter coat and boot sign-up, as well as a way to provide for other immediate needs, working as an advocate for the marginalized.

During Fall 2010 - Spring 2011, we will be meeting on SUNDAYS at 8 AM at TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH (orange st. & wall st.)

We are beginning the process of fundraising for a building of our own in Downtown New Haven.

Lead Pastor: Jackie Yu
Teaching Team Leader: Josh Williams
Worship Leaders: Tina Colón & Juliet Buesing

Contact: [email protected]

1. To provide for the needs of the homeless, jobless, addicted, rehabilitating, and otherwise marginalized community of New Haven.

2. To build connections that work toward socio-economic & racial reconciliation; to advocate for justice.

3. To become a community growing together towards living like Jesus Christ, in God's transformative love and power.