Congress must override Bush veto of appropriations bill

On Nov. 15, the House of Representatives failed to secure a two-thirds majority vote necessary to override President Bush's veto of the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill. The bill would have appropriated $30 billion for the National Institutes of Health…Read More

News 101

“Smoking increases the risk of cerebrovascular disease (stroke), which is also tied to dementia” WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who smoke are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia than people who have quit or have never…Read More

SCIENTISTS SAY THEY'VE FOUND CURE FOR ALZHEIMERS SCIENTISTS believe they have discovered a “cure” for Alzheimer’s, the devastating illness that affects nearly 600,000 people in the UK. For years experts have been looking for a way of preventing the…Read More
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