Only 15 Days Left - Enter our Pet Photo Contest Today

Your pet could grace the cover of our 2012 Pet Calendar - but only if you enter! With only 15 days left to enter and vote competition is heating up. Entries are only $10 and votes start at only $5. Enter here: You can…Read More

Enter the 2012 Pet Calendar Photo Contest

If you have ever wanted to see your animal on the cover of a calendar then you definitely will want to enter them into the 2012 Pet Calendar Photo Contest! Enter your pet today, or vote for those of your friends and family! Enter here:…Read More

Valentine's Day is coming! Buy a gift and Causes will give $10 to charity!

Help us raise more money for the SPCA of Franklin County by visiting the Valentines Causes on Facebook ( main page and clicking on the pink banner at the top. For each purchase you make Causes on Facebook will donate $10 to…Read More

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In the past there has been numbers dropping, many animals are on the brink of extinction. What would you do if dog's went extinct? You will have no one to walk, and the wolf is literally at the top of the family tree for dogs. Cheetahs are in the family tree…Read More

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Hey everyone we really need to get this action out there!So far 20 members only, in order to make this a huge cause we need unleast 30 people in this cause.I got a story to tell, do to some research, i have also learned that rabbits aren't the only animal…Read More
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