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Developing an empathic way of being.

Many people still believe empathy is only for maintaining well-being, healing personal problems and for conflict mediation. While it is great at that, many do not realize empathy is a primary source for creativity, innovation and action. In order to creatively solve problems and innovate together, we need to connect deeply with the feelings and needs of others. From deep connection with our common humanity, profound creativity, innovation and actions can arise that addresses and solves foundational problems, not just surface superficial ones.

Creative artists know that empathy is also fun and makes for wonderful creative dance, theater, music, etc. As the actor Meryl Streep, who was nominated for 19 Academy Awards says,

"I've thought a lot about the power of empathy. In my work, it's the current that connects me and my actual pulse to a fictional character in a made up story, it allows me to feel, pretend feelings and sorrows and imagined pain... empathy is the engine that powers all the best in us."

Finally, see below the powerful and practical ways Empathic Design offers tools for fostering creativity and innovation.

Edwin Rutsch
Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy.
Painting: Music Making Angels, Peter Paul Rubins

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