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Happy Mother's Day: Thank your mother for bringing empathy into the world!


Happy Mother's Day: You can thank your mother for bringing empathy into the
world!  "We think that the origin of empathy, in the mammals at least, has to do with
maternal care. So a female, whether you're a mouse or an elephant, you need
to pay attention to your offspring, you need to react to their emotions when
they're cold, or in danger, or hungry, and that's where we think the sensitivity
to others' emotions come from.

That also explains why empathy is more developed in females than males, which is
true in many animals, and it's true for humans, and it explains the role of

Oxytocin is a maternal hormone. If you spray oxytocin into the nostrils of men and women, you get more empathic
(empathetic) reactions from them, and so the general thinking about empathy is
that it started in the mammals with maternal care, and then from there it spread
to other relationships.

 So men can definitely have empathy, but they on average
have a little bit less of it than women." Frans
de Waal

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