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Offering Free Empathy, Compassion and Listening


Hi everyone, I'm back from 4 days at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in San Francisco. (

I spent the first day or so of the conference attending talks but decided I could watch the talks on YouTube and it was more important 'To Do Empathy' than listen to people talk on stage about it. So, at a strategically located table, I set up a little empathy sign and handed out 'Free Empathy Cards' that I had printed up. 

I then did Empathic Reflective Listening with anyone that wanted it. People would sit down and talk to me and I'd listen and reflect what they said until they felt fully heard. 

I probably listened to 20, 30 or more people about what was important to them at that moment. It seemed to really contribute to peoples well being and I had a great time connecting with so many people. 

One woman can running up to me a said, "I need a hug," so I gave her a big hug. Was very nice. Next time I'll expand my sign to say, "Free Empathy and Hugs." :-)

For a few more photos of the event and the Empathy Table see: (

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