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Dear Movement Supporters
Empathy has long been understood to be a healing agent. It has become the core essence in the field of therapy to heal personal problems such as, stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, shame, self-judgment, stuckness, trauma, PTSD, etc., etc. It is the core healing agent of interpersonal and social conflicts in mediation and restorative justice processes. Even in the medical field, studies show that patients with an empathic doctor heal faster since feeling seen, heard, acknowledged and understood reduces stress and inflation, thereby, allowing the natural healing processes of the body to work more effectively.

To build a more empathic culture, we need more people trained and practiced in offering empathic guidance and support. I am expanding my empathic guide services for healing and invite you to try a 30 minute free empathic listening session. If you know of others who may benefit from this, do pass it on.

Edwin Rutsch
Director: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

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