One man, thousands of saved lives

In the midst of the Holocaust, one man saved thousands of Jewish lives, over just a few days. This is the story of Portuguese diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes, the unsung hero who paid a big price for his brave act. WATCH:…Read More

The world is full of Holocaust deniers

The world is full of Holocaust deniers. Even though many survivors are still alive. At this very moment, thousands of people are watching Holocaust denial videos. 21 million views and counting. No more lies and slander! Spread the truth. This is what really…Read More

What is your story?

From December 1940 to September 1944, the inhabitants of the French village of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon and the surrounding villages provided refuge for an estimated 3,000–3,500 Jews. Led by Pastor André Trocmé, his wife Magda, and his assistant, Pastor Edouard…Read More

The life of Leopold Zuntz

“During WWI, Leopold Zuntz, brother of my grandfather Max, served in a German unit that took part in the siege of Verdun. In a military newspaper he read that qualified Turkish speaking candidates were offered the opportunity to become troop instructors in…Read More

What is your story?

Zofia Burowska's doll, along with some of her family's other belongings, were left with non-Jewish friends for safekeeping. Luckily, Zofia was liberated in Buchenwald. After the war, she returned to Krakow and retrieved her doll. How do you personally…Read More

Remembering Jan Karski

The Polish messenger: in 1942, Jan Karski, born on this day 100 years ago, met with leaders of the Jewish resistance. Smuggled into the Warsaw Ghetto and into a transit camp, he witnessed the extent of Nazi atrocities. With that knowledge, Karski made a…Read More

Never Again!

International Holocaust Remembrance Day: today, more than ever, it is our duty to remember. NEVER AGAIN! Photo: The death camp train station in Thessaloniki, Greece. 50,000 Jews were deported from there in 1943.
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