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Elephant Statues covered with plastic sheets in UP

Elephant is being used as party symbol for a long time by Mayavati's BSP. What is very interesting is the Election commission's order that all the elephant status in UP need to be covered, since this is a violation of model code of conduct. Number of elephant statues in UP... big or small have since been covered by plastic sheets as per EC order. The estimated expenditure in procuring the plastic sheets and labour cost worked out to Rs 1 Cr, as reported in media.

On the one hand, the decision of EC is surprising, because the purpose of the EC to prevent political parties from using the govt missionary for gaining political advantage during election time is in reality defeated. Now mayavati has got free publicity for her election symbol - elephant.

On the other hand, what is making us feel sad is the way the public money of Rs 1.00 Cr is squandered for covering elephant statues using plastic sheets. Plastic... we hate and we are sorry that such ahuge sum could have used for protecting ELEPHANTS instead of covering ELEPHANT STATUES..... very unfortunate
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