New Facebook Group

Hey all you "Bring WestJet to Belize" Supporters... please join the Facebook group of the same name... Let's build that membership up even higher. There are so many airlines coming to Belize now; WestJet should be one of them. :)

No Communication

Hi WestJetters, I've still not had word from WestJet, but I will keep writing. Not giving up! :)

Okay, Time to Revive This!!

Hello Fellow WestJetters, I don't really have an update, but I saw a post from Tropic Air today, with a "wishlist" of sorts for Airlines to come to Belize. I guess it's time to revive this campaign ... and hopefully WestJet finally has enough aircraft to…Read More

Short Survey

Hello Travelers, Well it might be quite some time before we see WestJet in Belize, so we may be stuck with lay-overs. I've proposed a new business idea to many different North American airports and I would really appreciate it if you would complete a survey…Read More

Hit a Snag but other Good News

Hey Jetters, Well the guy that I was dealing with at WestJet moved on to a US company (Boooo) a few months ago, so I may not be able to get as much info as I used to. The good news is:..... Tropic Air from Belize is starting to fly to Cancun on November 12,…Read More

Will give an update soon

Hi Gang, I just wrote to my contact at WestJet. Now that they know when they will launch their regional service, I am hopeful they will begin to focus on the Belize expansion. I will update the group as soon as I hear back from him. Stay tuned.... Shirlee…Read More

Another Airline offers Charters to Belize

Hello Canadian travellers to Belize, I am ashamed to not have known this sooner, but Sunwing Airlines is now offering charter flights to Belize City. Unfortunately it's only out of Toronto but who knows - if it catches on perhaps they'll expand. In the mean…Read More
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