To assist parents in learning and identifying RSD and to get parents through the tough times with there children who have RSD

This cause is part of the RSD series from #JGF family / @joeygiggles.... eventually this will become a network on spruz, a non-profit and a newsletter with pamplets... This page is for parents who deal with RSD everyday... this is a support for people to come to ask questions, vent and try to get some answers...

Mission Statement

To object of this organization is to obtain information on RSD that deal with children and to teach parents how to deal with it in there children... How to calm the pain? Different treatments? What the symptoms are? We provide mentors, one on one chat and sit for parents who find it hard to deal with, an online support group and numerous other services

1. awareness

2. research

3. assistance and therapuetic setting

4. mentoring help

5. support