To draw attention to the significance of the Magna Carta, as the origin of noble principles such as freedom under law, liberty and limited government

The purpose of this cause is to draw attention to the legacy of the Magna Carta, and to show that as it approaches its 800th anniversary, it remains one of the most important documents in human history, and that it continues to shape the priciples of good governance across the globe.

Furthermore, this group exists to draw attention to June 15th 2015, the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta on Runnymede Meadows in Surrey, UK.

1. The Magna Carta is the origin of freedom under law, liberty and limited government

2. The Magna Carta is therefore one of the most significant political and legal documents in human history

3. The legacy of the Magna Carta is worth upholding and celebrating, and that its core principles should continue to shape global governance