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Good day FB’ers!

As some of you might be aware, this is our 20th anniversary year and we are celebrating it with a huge party! We would love to see you all there but understand that it’s probably not feasible to do so. Because of this, we came up with an idea to get you there…

What We are Doing:

At our Gala we are going to showcase what this community has done by building and creating a GIANT light box to view hundreds, maybe even thousands of slides.

What We Want You To Do:

Submit your headshot here: ( . Once we all do this, we will collect the pictures and print them on slides for a projector.  After we have all the slides, we will then place them loosely on the light box with a few peak loupes for our guest at the Gala to see your beautiful, smiling faces.

This art installation is symbolizing the importance of what Facebook has done for Living Water, and the mass of voices we have in the social community. We want all of our attendee’s at the Gala to be shocked at the quantity of people who care about the worlds water crisis.

Thank you and BRING ON THE HEAD SHOTS! (

Living Water International

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