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LWI mobilizing to repair 500 incapacitated wells in Haiti

In response to the Haiti earthquake, Living Water International is setting a goal to repair 500 incapacitated handpumps in Haiti during 2010, which will serve at least 250,000 people.

In order to do this, LWI is organizing a coalition of water organizations that are partnering to multiply their effect on Haitian communities.

LWI teams are already on the ground doing what they can, but the problems for affected communities are only beginning. Earthquakes destroy water systems. Pipelines break, electrical distribution systems fail, and hand-dug wells--already questionable water sources--are rendered useless or become contaminated with cholera, typhoid, and other waterborne diseases.

Containers of parts and equipment are already on the way to replace rapidly diminishing supplies, but even more will be needed soon.

Please help LWI restore long-term water solutions in Haitian communities by giving here:

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