New September Campaign videos from charity: water.

Our fifth anniversary September Campaign ( is underway and we need your help! This year, we're funding a brand new drilling rig ( that can bring clean water to 40,000 more people each year…Read More


Our servicemen and women are in need of our support. By going to the url below and simply viewing the video you help to directly provide support to our troops in need. The Link: Thank you for helping.

Official "ADD ME" bulletin ... Reply Add me for ESPNU College town friends.

Hey guys, A lot of you message me asking "HOW CAN I GET MORE COLLEGE TOWN FRIENDS" ... Facebook is really tough on users that send more than 15-20 friend request a day, especially if they are not accepted so ... If you are friendly and open to accepting new…Read More


So a playdom employee snuck a friend invite through the backdoor and posted this response on my wall. lmao. SHAWN HYMER "Q.A. Engineer Playdom" SAYS: All of the upper venue sports events have the same payout that stage play used to have. They heard the…Read More

Codes for the Cause.

Thanks to everyone that has joined the cause... here are all the ESPNU promo codes I have a the moment. Enjoy and invite your ESPNU friends to join! gameday - College GameDay Studio pl4lassv - Fountain cr1ocmeb –Bed &Breakfast sL868164 - Alabama's…Read More


BUT THEY ARE STILL NOT AS GOOD AS THE OLD PAYOUTS! Good news is ... they are responding to our joint efforts, we need to keep pushing until the payouts are fair again. Not all of us can spend all day playing to be profitable in this game!!! lets keep pushing…Read More

Tough Economy In College town

Hi Guys, It's been a tough economy in college town lately with these cut backs! Send me a message for free ESPNU COLLEGE TOWN PROMO CODES. I have six in total.
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