buying dog houses before winter and sterilising the new tennants

Flooding in Poland, especially in the economically poorer Southern part of the country, was a tragedy that took away the lives of many pets and animals. Many people lost their homes and had to flee to dry land taking small essentials, or sometimes being rescued last minute, with only the clothes they had on. The more fortunate survivors managed to secure their household items, memorabilia, documents, some clothes. Who could have had their mind set to remember such “trivial things” as dogs chained to the ground outside their small wooden sheds in the backyard that shouldn’t have died, trapped by the chains preventing them from escaping the wave…Cows and swine locked in the barn should have been let out to at least have a chance to swim for survival - some of them could have made it into safety, but they were never given that opportunity…Chickens in sheds shouldn’t have choked in the deep sewer water that the flooding rivers turned into…Who could have prevented those unnecessary deaths, by simply letting their own animals free during when others were hysterically packing their belongings and saving what they had worked hard for over the past 60 or more years, sometimes over generations…There weren’t many “fools” who chose to save lives of innocent animals trapped and sentenced to become a part of the Polish summer floods grim harvest…Yet, there were owners who had a heart to give the gift of life to those animals who had faithfully served their master over the past years… Those owners were not “fools”, they were Heroes that gave up their own well-being in order to save lives of the innocent animals and now it’s our turn to give the goodness back to them, like a returning wave of goodness they started…

Project “Dog House before Winter” aims to provide shelter before winter to dogs who lost their sheds during last summer’s Polish flooding- their owners, having lost their own houses and crops, have no means to provide a roof over their dog’s head. At the same time this project is a binding agreement that obliges the owner of a dog presented with a new dog house to sterilise/castrate the animal and provide necessary care after the operation (the cost of both a dog house and its sterilisation is to be covered by the Project fund).

The funding is based entirely on voluntary contributions to the collection and this alone will determine the number of dog houses + sterilisations we can provide to the needy dogs before, and during, winter.

A transparent income/expenditure report will be provided on an on-going basis.

How can you help?
- by helping with PR for the Cause, i.e. sending the link to your friends and organisations that may be interested in supporting the Project in various ways
- by one-off donations (every single penny counts and will be appreciated)
- by regular donations, i.e. monthly

To avoid any ambiguity about money collection and credibility of the bank account, this Cause’s account belongs to and is fully administered by a Polish Animal Association that is one of the most credible charities I have dealt with in my four years’ full-time daily experience with Polish dogs’ charities.

To friends who know and trust me and to those who joined the Cause as friends of the friends I can certify that I take full responsibility and liability for actions taken within this Project.

If you wish to donate to the Project, you can make a transfer to the Association’s account:

Receiver Name: Sandomierskie Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciol Zwierzat
Receiver Address: ul. Rynek 3, 27 - 600 Sandomierz
Receiver IBAN: PL98942900042001001460010002
Receiver bank SWIFT address/BIC: POLUPLPR
Message for the receiver: dog house before winter project

Payment currency:your own currency Payment type: standard
Transaction fee type:SHARE

Many thanks for all your input, for being members of the Cause and helping to raise awareness of the misery of these poor dogs.