Wrap up and thank you!

Dear All, We would like to thank all of you who have supported this Project from the very beginning of it (Oct 2010) and all the way until now. Thanks to your generosity we have managed to purchase a total umber of 69 dog houses (kennels), that we have almost…Read More

Emergency - 8 homeless pups and mother- could have been prevented if sterilised on time.../8 bezdomnych szczeniaków -wkrótce czeka je śmierć głodowa!DT/DS potrzebne NATYCHMIAST. Sterylizacja na czas mogla temu zapobiec...

Dear Members, Today as a matter of urgency we were asked to post this appeal to our kind Cause Members. Since this project focuses on sterilising animals as one of our 2 main prerogatives, this is a good example and a warning of what happens when stray dogs…Read More

Update and summary/ Aktualnosci i podsumowanie

Dear Members, We are continuing delivering the puchased dog houses and carrying out sterilisations and are slowly wrapping up this project to move onto another venture helping needy dogs. So far with your support we have managed to: - deliver 55 dog houses to…Read More

17 dogs of a hoerder in need/ 17 psów u zbieraczki w potrzebie!!!

Dear Members, Recently Basia and her Tarnobrzeg Team stumbled upon a woman who keeps 17 dogs, many of them are inbred as she started off taking dogs in but didn't ask for help to neuter them to stop them from breeding within the same pack. Now it's got out of…Read More

6 more dog houses delivered and general update/ Kolejne 6 bud dostarczone i ogólne podsumowanie

Dear Members, Last weekend our Tarnobrzeg Team went out in the rain and cold wind to deliver yet another 6 dog houses to 6 lucky dogs. They were 6 female dogs: Dianka, Megi, Collie, Suczka, Sunia, Kropeczka. To date we have purchased 63 (plus 2 free) dog…Read More

Our thank you to Dutch WA!/ Dziékujemy holenderskiej Fundacji WA!

Dear Members, Today we would like to say our THANK YOU to the Dutch Foundation: Wereldasielen (WA), who supported our Project not for the first time. The 300 euro we received from WA will be spent on the next lot of dog houses that will be ordered with the…Read More

Big thank you to Polimed and Viridian Polska for supporting the Dog House project!/ Dziékujemy firmom Polimed i Viridian Polska za wsparcie Akcji!

Dear Members, Today we would like to say our thank you to our two new sponsors: Polimed sp. z o.o. (5,000,00zl) and Viridian Polska sp. z o.o. (2,312,40zl). Thanks to the very generous donations from the two Polish companies we are now able to purchase many…Read More
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