A prayer chain to heal one of God's little Angels!

We are asking everyone to pray for this four and half month old @ Greenville Pediatric Intensive Care in Greenville, SC. He has four tumors around his brain. The doctors did surgery to try and remove them, but there was an artery in the tumor on his opticle nerve. They were unable to go any further due to the risk. They are doing another MRI and with any luck if he is strong enough they want to do Chemo. The power of prayer is AMAZING. So if we can please pray, a prayer cost nothing but time but the reward for those who need it is eternal. Any other help is welcomed but we mostly just want prayer! Million prayers by midnight would be a blessing for this beautiful child and the family. Hope that God's word will flow through us all. Thank you for your time and consideration for one of God's little Angels

1. Prayer is powerful!

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