FREE postcard...

Love for you all to have one please! If anyone would like a post card please message Margret on her private message.. thanks.. :) :) :)

Bulletproof Vest for Police Dogs

Please join me in supporting them as they need our help and cannot speak out!

Message from Tigga & Jack!

Purrrfect "Cats"...Meow...Meow!!

We have a new member...Horray!

On behalf of the Team and l, we would like to say welcome to this Cause site Terri Halliday....Feel free to ask any questions at any time and if l can help ...will do so "Cheers"...:))


Up up and away!

Proud People!

Photos from Margaret De Reus.

Its Merry time!

Waiting 4 xmas... "Cool" cats...Meow-Meow...xoxo.
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