Help Bring 14 Year old Chloe Home

CYMG UCCMA has established a fund to help bring Chloe home to her mother. Our goal is to stop the rape of children like Chloe and to bring attention to the public about the present system that lacks all checks and balances that prevent these young girls from being exposed to criminals and molesters while in placement with child protective services. A legal assistance fund and charity account has been established to raise funds for this cause and to bring awareness of these abused girls under the present system that is supposed to protect them. For more see the web site at www.VIPPR.org and www.ThinkYah.org

1. Release Chloe From State Imprisonment in mental hospital

2. Return Chloe to the custody and care of her mother

3. Legal and Medical assistance fund

4. Stop the system that allows children in Child Protective Services from being place at risk to being rapped

5. Stop the rape of children