Would you donate any amount of money to save the rhino?

Yes (46% people answered this) No (25% people answered this) Maybe (28% people answered this) 52 people voted. To stop the killing of rhino's and kill them who kill rhino's Please let us get people to join this and lets all make ourself heard for…Read More

NO BAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

No bail for rhino poachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 more????????????????

2 more rhino's killed they were tortured to death. i hera they were still alive while their horns were cut of in the flesh. come on what kind of animal does that, surely not a human being. please let us start making a diffirece now. invite all friends.

100 members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankyou to all for inviting your friend. We reached 100 members, please do not stop invite more people ask them to invite all of their friends. We want to make a difference for the poor animals, not just rhino's but all animals that gets killed for people to…Read More


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