To help the world focus on the death and destruction of white people in Southern Africa

2,300 Afrikaner farmers murdered - only 13,000 remain to farm

More than 2,300 white Afrikaner commercial farmers have been slaughtered in the most brutal ways since 1994 in their homesteads. Only 13,000 Afrikaner farmers remain. These are people with consummate skill and years of experience of farming in this very arid landscape. They produce enough excess food to feed some 48-million South Africans.

Their food production has however more than halved since the ANC-regime took over hegemony of the country from 1994. And these farmers are producing this food on only 6% of the viable farmland in South Africa, which is a very dry country at the best of times. There also are 100,000 'emergent black farmers' who according to the 2005 tax records, have produced no excess food at all and paid no taxes - their families consumed all they produced.

The ANC-regime is constantly lodging hate-speech campaigns against these Afrikaner farmers which can legally be defined as deliberate incitements to conduct violence against this small group of very capable food-producers.

An American expert on genocide - a law professor who helped write the UN Genocide Convention - has warned that the way in which this slaughter of this tiny, very visible minority in South Africa is being carried out, is downright genocide. He points out that 'large numbers of people do not have to be murdered for such slaughter to be called a genocide'. In fact the genocide targetting the Boers is 'a silent genocide' because it remains largely unnoticed, this expert said.

So… what are the facts about the Boer genocide, the plaasmoorde in Afrikaans … the farm murders? A good introduction is the film, “Bloody Harvest”. In fact, this link provides only the first quarter of an hour of the whole film. Adriana Stuijt, who you can mail at [email protected], will send the complete film on DVD from her Netherlands base. But she needs you to make a donation to the Foundation for Afrikaner Asylum-seekers International (and give her your postal address with the email).

The white Boer, the Afrikaner farmer, is easily the highest at-risk group for murder on Earth ... 310 in 100,000 per year actually. By comparison, in London the yearly probability of getting murdered is 3 in 100,000. The world’s foremost authority on genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton of “Genocide Watch”, has recognised the seriousness of the Boer genocide in his 2002 report.

For how long will the White farmers’ nightmare in South-Africa continue? Until the last one has gone? The answer is surely that the worst is yet to come. It may not happen till far into the future. But if and when it does, it will look much like the situation in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe today.

What can you do? Mail the International Criminal Court at [email protected], I suppose. But the chances of having any impact are surely limited. Rather contact your representatives in local government; urging them to care as much for the white victims of racism in South Africa as they did for the blacks during the apartheid years.
I would urge them to make it clear to the South African government that the international community is watching them closely, and that government actions exposing the white farmers to fatal risk will be interpreted as a crime against mankind. I would urge them to be morally consistent. Tell the South African government that driving an ethnic minority into a corner is, in fact, a variant of ethnic cleansing. Then at least they won’t later be able to claim, “Wir haben es nicht gewusst”. Thank you

1. The killing of White Afrikaner People should be stopped.