For a Humane Bahamas

Baark is a non-profit volunteer group dedicated to improving the welfare of animals at the Government run Canine Control Unit (CCU), locally know as “The Government Pound”.

Every Friday, as many as 50 dogs and several cats are put down at The Government Pound in a futile attempt to address the problem of stray and unwanted animals in The Bahamas. We are working to improve conditions and treatment of animals in their care and rescuing as many animals as possible from the weekly euthanasia.

With your help, we can shift the focus from killing suffering animals to prevention, through spay & neuter programs and public education on responsible pet ownership.

1. Improve animal welfare in the Bahamas, specifically at the government canine control unit

2. Rescue, reabilitate and find loving homes for as many animals as possible

3. Increase the number of spays and neuters

4. Increase public education on responsible pet ownership

5. www.baarkbahamas.org