They are at it again

I have hesitated to post this year, after all, we did finally get a SMALL raise after so long. And I didn't want to continue to complain. But after yesterday's announcement, I just couldn't keep silent. To give us a raise, and then take away our health…Read More

Our Cause Has Reached 94 Members...

and lets face it. We all have busy lives and haven't exactly had this on the front burner. With all the spending going on, it is really tough to say, "HEY spend some on me!" But it is a question of priorities. With all of our taxdollars being flushed down the…Read More

Congresswoman Gabby Gifford

According to Fox News, Congresswoman Gabby Gifford was recommending that Congress take a 5% pay cut, the day before she was shot, in an interview with Bill Hemmer. They have been reporting this all day during their coverage. While this shooting is terrible…Read More

Congress is at it Again

Congress has now decided that our military members do not deserve a decent pay raise. But their own pay raise is not open for any debates. They will get it without having any discussions or any media releases. We don't have any input as to the percentages…Read More

Our Cause Has Reached Over 60 Members!

I'm so thankful that there are others that feel the same way I do. There is a sense of safety in that. During this holiday season, I count myself lucky that I live in this country and blessed that I can speak my mind and reach out to others and join with…Read More

The Election Is Over!

Now is the time to let your voices be heard. Contact your local representative and let them know your concerns about the people that you know drawing social security and military retired pay. If Congress deserves a pay raise every year, then so do our…Read More

Please do not give money!

This is about individual activism, not the collection of funds. So keep your money and use it for stamps to write your senators and congressmen or women. Thanks!
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