In your opinion, what percentage of the Lebanese citizens actually litter?

80% (68% people answered this) 50% (19% people answered this) 20% (12% people answered this) 57 people voted. Stop Littering Disgusted by the sight of rubbish just about everywhere? Can’t stand people who litter? Want to make a difference? Then…Read More


Check out those fun, colorful, reusable, recyclable, car trash bags that double as dust cleaners. They were developed by a Lebanese couple living in France and go by the smart name of Bagoto. Interested? Let us know or check their website www.bagoto.comRead More

Yes You Can Too

Here is our competition poster! If you need one for your school, let us know!

Yes You Can Too

Launching our second trash can painting competition for 2013, Yes You Can Too, for all schools in the greater Beirut area. Interested? Please email us on [email protected]

You're never too far from a garbage dump!

Garbage dumps are closer than you think. This photo was taken two days ago on Salah Labaki street, Achrafieh, on the way up from Gemmayzeh towards Saint George Hospital !

Ana Ma Bkebb at the University of Balamand

In collaboration with UoB recycles, GreenGo, students, faculty and staff from the University of Balamand cleaned a 1 km stretch of side road leading to the campus. Forty trash bags were filled and a total of 200 kgs of trash was collected over that distance…Read More

Independence Day Celebrations

Participating in the Independence Day Celebrations this afternoon at Martyrs' square, starting 4 pm. Come and support a clean country!
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